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Helmsley Round Gilded Side Table -
Ware Coffee Table -
Ware Coffee Table -
Wells Coffee Table -
Wells Coffee Table -
French Cane Console Table, Black -
Alton Console Table -
Amport Console Table Bronze -
Bridgehampton Coffee Table Brass -
Eccleston Table - FT0099.BR.BKS
Eccleston Table - FT0099.NI.BKS
Eccleston Shagreen Table - FT0099.NI.BRS
Eccleston Shagreen Table - FT0099.BR.BRS
Eccleston Shagreen Table - FT0099.BR.GRS
Eccleston Shagreen Table - FT0099.NI.GRS
Eccleston Table with Oak - FT0099.BR.OA
Amberley Bedside Table -
Amberley Bedside Table -
Amberley Bedside Table -
Barford Etagere Table - FT0031.BR.BKS
Barford Etagere Table - FT0031.BR.BRS
Barford Etagere Table - FT0026.NI.GL
Barford Rectangular Etagere - FT0026.BR.GL
Etagere Table - FTA02/BR/BRS
Etagere Table, 2 Tiers - FTA02/N/BS
Capri Round Brass Table -
Capri Round Nickel Table - FT0095.NI.GRS
Capri Round Nickel Table - FT0095.NI.BKS
Capri Round Brass Table - FT0095.BR.BRS
Capri Round Brass Table - FT0095.BR.BKS
Capri Side Table - FTA95
Nickel Etagere with Ivory Shagreen - FTA03/N/IS
Nickel Etagere with Green Shagreen - FTA03/N/GS
Nickel Etagere with Green Shagreen - FTA02/N/GS
Portman Rectangle Etagere - FT0004.BR.BRS
Portman Rectangle Etagere - FT0004.NI.BRS
Portman Rectangle Etagere - FT0004.NI.BKS
Portman Rectangle Etagere - FT0004.BR.BKS
Portman Rectangle Etagere - FT0004.NI.GRS
Portman Rectangle Etagere - FT0004.NI.IVS
Etagere Table - FTA02/BL
Etagere Table - FTA03/BR/BRS
Etagere Table - FTA03/TL
Etagere Table - FTA03/N/BS
Glass Etagere - FTA50/BR
Glass Etagere - FTA50/N
Glass Etagere - FTA51/BR
Glass Etagere - FTA51/N
Glass Etagere Rectangular - FTA52/N
Glass Etagere Rectangular - FTA52/BR
Rectangular Mirror Etagere Table - FTA43/BR
Rectangular Mirror Etagere - FTA43/N
Mirror Etagere - FTA41/N
Mirror Etagere - FTA41/BR
Mirror Etagere - FTA42/BR
Mirror Etagere 3 Tier - FTA42/N
Mere Mirror Tables, Large and Small. - FTA47/L and FTA47/S
Wigan 2 Tier Rectangular Table - FT0013.GI
Pelton 2 Tier Square Table - FT0014.GI
Belgrave Rectangular Acanthus Table - FT0098.BR.MI
Belgrave Square Acanthus Table - FT0087.BR.MI
Rockford Square Table - FT0037.BR
Rockford Rectangular Table - FT0038.BR
Rockford Coffee Table - FT0096.BR
Brockton Gilded Coffee Table - FTA62/M
Withington Round Coffee Table - FT0010.GI
Lena Coffee Table - FT0036.GI.GL
Helmsley Round Gilded Side Table - FTA46
Stapleford Gilded Thin Console Table - FTA58
Kinnerton Narrow Console Table - FT0012.GI.MI
Aston Gilded Console Table - FTA61/M
Chippendale Console Table - US Only - FTA79/M
Etagere with Mirror - FT0025.BR
Octagonal Star Bone Table - FTA18
French Cane Etagere - FTA49
Red plain bedside table - FTA78/R/P
Red lacquer decorated bedside table - FTA78/R
Red lacquer decorated bedside table - FTA78/R
Black plain lacquer bedside table - FTA78/BK/P
Lacquer Pedestal Table - FTA07
Lena Coffee Table -
Heale Gilt Metal Round Table - FTA67/G
Montmartre Mirror Table - FTA39
Haydon Greek Key Dining Table - FTA69
Horley Gilded Table with Glass Top - FTA53

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